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Around the Sims
Around the Sims
Around the Sims
Around the Sims
** Special Pack Preview**
Why asking for donations?

I really want that Around the Sims stay open and free, but as you have noticed, many Sims sites have troubles with the excessive cost of bandwith. Around the Sims isn't an exception; I've always tried to do my best to reduce the costs to the minimum, but they're still there, and I can't pay all by myself.

So, if you like the site, the objects I made, and if you would like to support my humble Sims creations, well... you're welcome! :)
To thank you for your support, donating gives you access to gifts and privileges, because the site is yours, and still online thanks to you. :)

How much donate and what will I get?

5 euros is the minimal donation.
If you donate at least 5, you'll be able to download all the objects by sets (and no more one by one), you'll also get all the normal donators gifts (included in the set) and you'll receive a Special Pack. This works forever, it's not a monthly subscription, so you'll get all the future gifts as well.
If you want to know how much are 5 euros in your currency, you can make the change with Yahoo-Finance.

How to donate?

Click on one of the buttons below if you have a PayPal account (choose the amount you want to donate), or contact me by mail if you don't have a PayPal account.

Warning: the PayPal page might appears in french...
I don't know why they do that, but... well, the fields are in the same place than in english and you should be able to recognize how it works. I'm working on having those pages back to english though... :)


Choose the amount you want to donate:

More questions, contact, lost password....

If you want to know more about the donations, you can check the FAQ.
If you have questions, if you have lost your password or want to contact me about donations, please write me here.





Donate: all those gifts and many more for ONE donation!
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