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Full Step-by-Step to install Walls, floors and Building items
How to download, unzip and install walls, floors and building items in your game
What do I need?

To use the files offered on this site, you will need to have:
- a computer
- an internet connection
- an internet browser like Microsoft Explorer or Netscape Communicator (but you must have something like that to surf on my site! ;))
- an utility to unzip the downloaded files, like WinZip (if you find another tool that unzip your files, you can use it, but it's Winzip I'll use in this tutorial).

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How do I download walls and floors?

The process is the same for walls and floors, the only thing that will change is the folder where you'll install them.
First, you need to put your cursor on "Download the set". Then, click.

Around the Sims

A window appears and asks you what you want to do with the file. Click on the "Save this file to disk" button, then click on OK.
Around the Sims

A new window asks you where you want to save the file. I don't know how you organize your disk, but I like having an Internet Downloads folder on my desktop, so I always save my files in this folder. In any case, double-click on where you want to save the download (it can be on the desktop, in another folder, it's up to you...), and then, click on the button "Save".
Around the Sims

A window appears and give you an indication of the time the download will take.

Now, if you double-click on your Internet Download, located on your desktop, you'll see that we have the in our folder. Note that the process would be exactly the same for floors, and we would have here instead.
Around the Sims

Next step: we will unzip and install them in the game.
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How do I unzip and install the floors and walls I've downloaded?


Let's go in our Internet Downloads, and double-click on the item you want to unzip.

It will automatically open WinZip. Then, select all the items you want to unzip by clicking once on it (you can select more than one by clicking with the Shift key pressed). Floors are FLR files. And click on the Extract button.
Around the Sims

Same thing will be done for walls. Walls are WLL files.

Walls and floors always need to be installed in the same folders, so there's no surprise in the Read-me; you can extract it once to read it, and then, it's not useful.

It's now that you install our walls and floors in the game.

For floors, we'll install them in the Floors folder of the game, located in the GameData folder. Navigate in the files browser; you can open a folder to see its content by clicking on the "+" in front of the name of the folder. The Sims is usually installed in your C:\Programs files\Maxis\The Sims folder, but it can change. Once you're in the Sims folder, open the GameData folder by clicking on "+", and then click on Floors folder. Last, click on the button Extract.
Around the Sims
Path: C:\Programs files\Maxis\The Sims\GameData\Floors

For walls, do the same thing, but install them in the Walls folder:

Path: C:\Programs files\Maxis\The Sims\GameData\Walls

That's all, now WinZip will unzip the file and install it at the right place! Congratulations!
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Where will I find the files I have downloaded?
You'll find the walls and floors in the Build mode, under "Walls" and "Floors".
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What should I do with the .zip files, once I have unzipped them?
You can do what you want, actually. Most of the time, you won't have to use them anymore, so you can delete them, or make a back-up, whatever you want.



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