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Frequently Asked Questions about the Build stuff
All questions about Walls and Floors: installation, creation, request...
Download and installation
Download and Installation
Download and Installation

Extract the .wll (walls) in The Sims\GameData\Walls.
the .flr (floors) in The Sims\GameData\Walls.
Extract the .iff (objects) in The Sims\Downloads.

Step by Step

If this explanation isn't enough for you, there's a full step-by-step with pictures that will help you: one is made for PC, one for Mac, and if you don't know if you have a Mac or a PC, have a look here.

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I can't find the walls or floors I have downloaded! Why?
Walls and floors are sorted by price, so maybe they're more expensive that you thought... ;)
But OK, let's say you're absolutly sure that you haven't found your new downloads, then be sure to have at least an expansion pack installed, or you might have reached the limitation of walls and floors (see the chapter about limits).
Then, be sure that you don't have any folders in your Walls or Floors folders, but only files. To be sure to have correctly installed the files, have a look at the step by step.
My houses are getting crazy! The stairs are now windows, the doors are bushes... What happens and what can I do?
You have met the Build mode bug. It happens because you have too many Build mode items (it means too many doors, windows, columns, bushes, stairs, etc... all the objects you can find in the Build mode, actually (walls, floors and roofs are not considered as objects).

What you can do? You need to convert the objects into Buy Mode.

For Windows:
Object Categorizer will allow you to edit the mode.
For Mac: it's IFF Taxi that will make the work.

The Sims Unleashed solves a bit this problem as you can now have 2000 building items instead of the 100 before, but 2000 can be reached quickly for download-addicts! ;)
How do you make walls and floors?

For Windows: You need to have a painting program (Photoshop, Paint Pro...) and HomeCrafter, a program to convert your pictures into walls and floors, and to preview your walls and floors.

Check some Walls & Floors tutorials:

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Is there a limit for the number of walls and floors?
If you don't have any expansion pack, yes, there's a limit: you can't have more than 63 floors and 90 walls.
But if you have an expansion pack, there's no limit and you can have as many walls and floors as you want.
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