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Mac Corner - Quick Menu

Version française

Application made by Dom
for Mac OS 8-9 and Mac OS X
© Around the Pixel
If when you select an objet in the Buy mode, it's another one that appears in the game, if your game crashes when you select an object, or if you can't find an object you're sure to have installed in your game, you might have a conflict with ID.

What's that? For the Sims,
objects are numbers (8 hexa-decimal digits), and they have to be unique or it gets confused. That's why most of the objects creators use a Magic Cookie, a number given on T-Mog's page, and supposed to be unique for every creator. Unfortunatly, for several reasons, this reserve of numbers has been all used, and ID conflicts happen.

To learn more about Magic Cookie and IDs, have a look at Persimmon Grove: Koromo makes everything clear with her fabulous design. :)
What does it do?
It checks a selected folder and its subfolders to see if there's a conflict with IDs (if two ID are the same) between objects (it looks inside .IFF and .FAR), and if there's a conflict, it lets you edit the GUID of one of the objects.
How does it work?


First, click on "Choose folder".

- 2 -

You can choose your Downloads folder (and it will look inside subfolders too), a folder outside your Sims folder, a folder inside your Downloads folder... Anything you want. I'll choose to check my folder, Around the Sims, if there's no ID conflict with my objects.

- 3 -

*** Don't panic! ***
Your Mac will be totally blocked, just like if it had crashed, but it works hard indeed!
The process can be very, very long. It depends on the speed of your processor, the speed of your hard drive, the number of files you analyze, the size of these files.
To check my own folder (700 files) on my 300Mhz iBook, it takes 39 seconds; on my slow USB external disk, it takes 3 minutes to scan 200 files, so you see, the difference can be huge. Be aware it can be long, very long, and even more long that you have the impression that the computer has crashed, as you don't see anything happening, so... have a coffee or have a nap if you have 15000 files to check, but it's really worth taking the time to do this time to time because many troubles are due to ID conflicts.

- 4 -

Here we are! The application has finished to list the GUID.

- 5 -

We can now proceed to the analysis by clicking on the... "Analyze" button, yeah! Don't worry, the process is much shorter than the listing. But it can take few minutes anyway, if the listing has been really long. On my 300 Mhz iBook, it takes less than 2 seconds to analyze the 700 files.

- 6 -

If there isn't any ID conflict, the Result window will be empty:

If there's one, the objects that have the same ID will appear in the window (here I have duplicated a file to have an example to show you):

In the window, you see the GUID (ie the ID), the offset (something that we don't need), the tile and the name of the file. It's useful to know what kind of objects have an ID conflict, because if we had a conflict between a cash register and a sink, it's better to change the sink and to leave the cash register untouched, because it's linked to other objects (the NPC).
We're going to edit the ID of the first object (you need to edit only one object), so double-click on it.

- 7 -

The window "Change ID" appears. At the top of the window, you can see the old GUID. The 2 first and the 2 last digits are given by T-Mog, the 4 digits in the middle are the Magic cookie (as it's written in hexadecimal, there's numbers from 0 to 9 and letters from A to F).

Magic cookie

- 8 -

Enter a new GUID: you can change one or several numbers, but remember that the 4 digits in the center are the ones for Magic cookies; don't use one that already exist. Valid, and that's all. :)
Check Persimmon Grove for further informations about cookies.


For Mac OS 8-9 (560Ko)
For Mac OS X (755Ko) - Warning: it hasn't been tested on Mac OS X.

Applications are free, but donations are welcome, if you want to support Dom. :)

** Top **



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