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Star's Dressing-room
Loge de star
Around the Sims

By Sandy
Description by Jess.
A Huge thanks to all the ones who sent me some suggestions of descriptions!

Fame? What is it? A thing where people can be all snobby and rich? Or where someone can produce entertainment for the world so people can enjoy their work, without feeling jealous? Well, now there is a new Star dressing-room which will make you feel famous, even if your not. Comes with a dressing table, mirrors with dazzling lights, a rail for clothes if you are in a rush and, of course, your champagne and caviare. Now, how's that for fame??!!

Dresser (Expansion required?)
  Mirror (*) ("Superstar" required)
Sofa (*)

Wall: Maxis
Floor: Awahae
** Notes **
Posters can be found on Decorative | Classical movies posters pages.
Champagne and caviar work as a mood-booster: it means you can buy full needs satisfaction for §250 or mid-satisfaction for §25.
The make-up will give fun to your Sims, and let them improve their charisma skills.
Flowers and plants can be installed on every surfaces (floor, tables, end tables, coffee tables...)
The dresser (clothing-rack) has been cloned from a dresser with all expansions packs installed, so... I don't know
(*) Based on 3D models found on the net.

(*) Updated the 5th of July 2004 to let the visitors using those objects.

Les affiches peuvent être trouvées sur les pages Décoration | Affiches de films .
Le champagne et le caviar fonctionnent comme un "mood-booster", c'est-à-dire que vos Sims peuvent s'acheter une pleine satisfaction de tous leurs besoins pour 250§ ou une satisfaction minimale pour 25§.
Le maquillage donnera de l'amusement à vos Sims tout en leur permettant d'acquérir du charisme.
Les fleurs et plantes peuvent être installées sur n'importe quelle surface (tables, tables basses, sol...)
(*) Basés sur des modèles 3D trouvés sur Internet.

(*) Mis à jour le 5 juillet 2004 pour permettre aux visiteurs d'utiliser ces objets.
Gift for Donators
Around the Sims
The whole dressing-room recolored in mahogany and black leather... Maybe it will be the dressing-room of your Sim rock star? All the objects of the dressing-room above, except the mood-booster, have been recolored.
Download the set (Gifts included)
- 19 objects -
(Donators only! this option costs too much money to the site, sorry...)
- 1,1 Mo -



Studio: 1


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