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Frequently Asked Questions about the Objects
All questions about Objects: installation, creation, request...
Download and installation
Download and Installation
How do I download? Where should I install the files?

Extract the .iff (objects) in Download folder, located in your "The Sims" folder. You can also creat sub-folders into your Downloads folder, so it's easier to find something (and shorter to load). For example, you can create a folder "Around the sims" inside Downloads", and install there the objects from this site.
Always have a look at the Read-me included with the files, though, because sometimes, the installation is a bit special (in the UserObjects folder, for example).

If this explanation isn't enough for you, there's a full step-by-step with pictures that will help you: one is made for PC, one for Mac, and if you don't know if you have a Mac or a PC, have a look here.

Do your files require some expansion packs or can I use them with the Sims only?
When an expansion pack is required, it's always precised near the name of the object (example: Bed (Livin' Large required), but sometimes it's precised at the top of the page: all pets supplies, for example, need Unleashed. If nothing is precised, it means you can use these objects with the Sims.
Why the download by sets is only available for donators. It's so boring to have to download the objects one by one...
Because it costs a lot of money to the site, much more than I can afford. The bigger the files are, the more I pay, so that's why this option is only for donators who have donated at least $5, as they participate to the costs of the site. But huh, don't complain, because after all, you can download everything anyway, even if it's a bit long! ;)
If you're interested in donating, you can have more informations here.
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I got a "Authorization Required" when I tried to download a set. Why?
A password is required to download sets, as this option is only made for donators (but the downloads objects by objects are free). You can get a password by donating at least $5 to the site and you'll get access to the sets (and donators gifts) forever. :)
For further informations, please have a look here. :)

If you're a donator, and have donated at least $5, but haven't received the mail giving you the new password to access to the sets, please write me, but don't forget to join a proof of your paiments (PayPal receipt, for exemple): no password will be given without a proof of paiment.
The files I have downloaded are corrupted; winZip sais they're invalid and can't unzip them. Can you fix this?
Unfortunatly, this problem doesn't come from me, but from the server: when there's too many people connected at the same time on the site, the bandwith isn't enough, and sometimes, the server drops the connection during your download, and you have an incomplete file, or it's corrupted, and WinZip will tell you it's invalid.
The only solution is to redownload the file again, when the site is a bit less crowdy (avoid the week-end and rush hours for USA), or to ask for it at someone who has this file already, but don't ask me, please.
I can see all your objects in my Buy mode catalog, but sometimes, the object I choose disappears as soon as I'm back to the Live mode. Why?
Be sure to have the expansion pack required for this object. If nothing is precised, it means you only need the Sims to use this object, but sometimes, near the name of the object, you can read "Livin' Large required" or "House Party required". It means those expansions packs ARE required to use the object, otherwise your object will disappear. It's always precised, or near the name of the object (in most of the case) or at the top of the page when all the objects downloadable from this page will require the same expansion pack (like for the pets supplies, for example, that always require to have Unleashed).
There's an ugly yellow thing around your objects! What's wrong?
Turn on the anti-alias option in your game setting, and you won't see the yellow thing anymore; better: you'll be able to have transparent objects and with a perfect outline. ;)
I can't find your objects in my game!
My old objects are not categorized, except the ones that can be found in sets for donators, so they can be found in the "All" categories, in the Buy mode. If you want to categorize them, just read the next chapter.

If you still can't find the object, be sure to have installed it correclty by reading the step-by-step for installation.

Last, check if you don't have any conflicts with ID.
I find your objects in houses lots, but I can't find them on Downtown lot, nor vacation Island ones, nor community lots... What can I do?
If you want to be able to find your downloads in Downtown or in Vacation, in Community lot, you need to categorize your objects. Few tools allow you to do this:
For Windows: Hot Date Categorizer, that can be found on Maxis site, or Objects Categorizer, that can be found at SimWardrobe.
For Mac: IFF Taxi is the tool you need. :)
When I'm in the Buy mode, I select one of your objects by clicking on its thumbnail, but when I install it in the game, it's another object that appears! Why that? - ID conflicts
It looks like a conflict ID... This kind of things shouldn't happen, in theory, as all my objects have a Magic cookie (a magic cookie is a 5 digits number unique to a creator) but unfortunatly, all the possible numbers have been already used, and the conflicts are common...
Check your downloads with a ID tool, time to time: they will warn you if some of your objects have the same ID, and will allow you to edit the IDs.

For Windows: Object ID
For Mac: Sims-GUID checker.

If there's a conflict with two objects I made, have a look here:I'll post a warning if I made a mistake somewhere with an object.
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How do you make objects?

For Windows: First, you need Transmogrifier: this tool is *the* tool that will let you clone Maxis objects and then, create your own. Read the online tutorial, it will really help you a lot to understand the process. You also need a painting program, it can be Photoshop (Mac-PC), Paint Pro (PC), GraphicConverter (Mac), it can be a 3D program like 3DS Max, Bryce, Amapi... it can be both... :)

I draw my objects with Bryce and an old version of Amapi. Windows users can enjoy 3DSMax, but unfortunatly, it doesn't exist on Mac, so I have to fight every day for having an isometric-like 3D object... =)
Some objects creators also use some free or paying 3D objects models, available on the Net. I usually don't, because I have more fun by making them by myself. =)

Check some Objects tutorials:

For Mac: see next chapter! ;)

Can I make objects on Mac?
Yes! Thanks to Peter Gould and IFF Snooper! Peter made this great application to create your fist objects on Mac!
Koromo, the great Persimmon Grove's webmistress, made a tutorial to learn how to use IFF Snooper (how to recolor and create new objects). Check it!

The other way to creat objects on Mac is to use a Windows emulator, like Virtual PC.

Have a look at the Mac corner's page for further informations.
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Can I clone your objects to recolor them?
Yes, All my objects, except donators gifts, are now recolorable. You can also use any of these objects as base for your own creations, take parts of my graphics to add on yours... My objetcs are all yours! Credit with a link is nice though not absolutly required.
Can I redistribute your objects on my site, or on a CD-r?
Can I use your objects in snapshots?
Sure you can! I'll be glad to see you're using my objects for your game or to furnish the houses you show on the net!
Do you take request?

No, I'm sorry, but you can't guess how many things I would like to do. I don't even think I'll have time to make the quarter of all of them, so really I can't take requests. I don't need ideas, I have alredy too many! LOL.

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What is a hacked object?
No, a hacked object isn't a stolen object! ;)
We usually call "hacked" objets, objects that don't have the same game specifications as Maxis ones: it could be because they have new animations, new functions, other ratings... In my wine cellar set, for example, I changed the fun rating of the bar: in the original game, the bar has a fun rating of 3, I changed it to 8: the Sims have more fun to drink. That's a hacked object.
The hacked KraziMacs are also hacked objects because they have functions that computers usually don't have in the game.

*** Warning ***
Hacked objects need to be used with precautions and at your own risks, even though I have tested them, they aren't supported by Maxis.
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