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Bedroom: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
Modern Line Bedroom
Chambre Modern Line
Around the Sims

By Sandy
Description by Ketri.
A Huge thanks to all the ones who sent me some suggestions of descriptions!

Do your Sims have that completely modernized house, but all of a sudden you realize you're missing the bedroom? Well, you don't have to miss it anymore. A fresh mint green that complements the other Modern Line objects is the primary color in this bedroom. The wood nightstands add a little something to the love-bed. To store all your clothing, try this beautiful wardrobe with a glass cabinet and silver handles. Need something to hang on the wall? The mirror and shelf are great accessories to this room. The bookcase is good for your brain as well as the decoration of the room, as are the green rectangular rugs. And, for those early mornings, wake up to the peaceful buzzing of the silver square clock. The green tinted lamp adds light and warmth throughout the room. It can all be yours if you just click below!

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Lovebed (**)
** Notes **
(*) Based by Heather, at SimFreaks.
(**) Lovebed can be found on the "Seating - Lovebed" page, where you'll be able to choose headboard and footboard for your bed.
Windows are from Colorized Sims.
(*) Base de Heather, à SimFreaks.
(**) Le lit se trouve sur la page "Seating - Lovebed", où vous pourrez choisir têtes et pieds de lit.
Les fenêtres sont de Colorized Sims.
Gift for Donators
Around the Sims
A recolor of the Modern Line lovebed, for the ones who hate green, but still want to play with the head and foot boards. ;)
The bed isn't included in any sets, but can be found at the Donator's site (donators know the URL).
Download the set
* Bed is NOT included - You'll find it on Lovebed's page *
- 9 objects -
(Donators only! this option costs too much money to the site, sorry...)
- 534 Ko -


Modern Line: Study - Living - Kitchen - Bathroom - Bedroom - BBQ
Bedroom: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7


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