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Kitchen: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
Talbo Kitchen
Cuisine Talbo
Around the Sims

By Sandy
Description by Chris O'Donnell.
A Huge thanks to all the ones who sent me some suggestions of descriptions!

Ah! The Talbo Kitchen! This is an inspiration of modern design. Fashioned in muted tones, using natural materials such as brick, wood and polished granite for the worktops, this kitchen is perfect for the young couple with entertaining on their mind! Your creative skills at the stove will glow with living colour against the dark granite counters, inviting your guests to partake of the culinary delights you have provided for their delectation! Invite your boss and his family and that promotion will not be far away. After your guests have reluctantly gone home, relax with a glass of wine or a cup of cocoa to help you sleep after your busy day and the soft ambience of this room will send you to bed ready to indulge in a good night's sleep.

Cookbook ("Makin' Magic" required)
  Counter #1
  Counter #3
Hood ("Hot Date" required)
  Lighted shelf #1
  Lighted shelf #3
Table x 1 ("Hot Date" required)
  Trash compactor
** Notes **
The plants and dishes can be installed on any surfaces, floor and coffee-table included, without requiring any expansion pack.
The tray with spices can be used as a food processor.
In the set for donators, the salad is a Mood-Booster. You can read more about this hacked object here.
Les plantes et la vaisselle peuvent être installés sur n'importe quelle surface, sol et table basse inclus, sans requérir une expansion.
Le plateau avec les épices peut être utilisé comme robot ménager.
Dans le mini-set prévu pour les donateurs, la salade peut être utilisée comme Mood-Booster; pour en savoir plus sur cet objet, vous pouvez lire ceci.
Wall by Marina's Sims
Floor by Awahae
Gifts for Donators
Around the Sims
You want more items for your Talbo kitchen? So, here's a small set with 6 extra-objects:
Chair #2
Chair #3
Dining table (House Party required)
Plant #2
Ceiling-lamp (Hot Date required)
Salad: Mood-booster

** Don't forget that when you donate to the site, you don't receive only this gift, but ALL the exisiting and future donators gifts. **
** N'oubliez pas que lorsque vous donnez au site, vous ne recevez pas que ce cadeau, mais TOUS les cadeaux existants et futurs.**
Download Part (Gifts included)
- 26 objects -
(Donators only! this option costs too much money to the site, sorry...)
- 1,4 Mo -



Kitchen: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7


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