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Vacations: 1-2-3
Tiki Hotel
Hotel Tiki
Around the Sims

By Sandy
Description by Ms. Lynn.

A Huge thanks to all the ones who sent me some suggestions of descriptions!

What Island Paradise could be complete without a tiki themed hotel? This bamboo and woven matt set is just a taste of the Tiki temptations your sims will enjoy. Created to coordinate with patterns already included with your Sims package, you will be able to make the hotel of your tiki dreams. Your Sims will be able to get closer in such a romantic environment...but watch out, or your date might just take off with the very alluring sarong clad hostess.

Desk & NPC
Desk and its NPC
(Vacation required)

Maeva, the desk clerk

Body mesh: Peggy Sims
Head mesh: Sim Skins

Check also the replacement NPCs for Tiki Vacation.
Reception items
Coffee table (Hot Date required)
  Tiki scroll

Wall & Floor: Maxis
** Notes **
Paintings can be found on Decorative | Tiki pictures page.
The magazines work as a bookcase and can be installed on every surfaces (floor, tables, end tables, coffee tables...)
The Tiki mugs have been "hacked" to fill your Sims' need in this way:
Hunger: 2 - Fun: 7 - Social: 6 - Bladder: -1
They all have 4 rotations, and can only be used by adults.
They're categorized to appear in Appliance/Other, and are dedicated to Leslie! ;)
The suitcases are only decorative.
Les photos peuvent être téléchargées depuis la page Décoration | Tableaux Tiki.
Les magazines fonctionnent comme une bibliothèque, et peuvent être installés sur n'importe quelle surface (tables, tables basses, sol...)
Les mugs Tiki ont été trafiqués pour remplir les besoins de vos Sims ainsi:
Faim:2 - Loisir:7 - Social:6 - Petits besoins: -1
Ils ont tous 4 rotations, et ne peuvent être utilisés que par des adultes.
Ils sont catégorisés pour apparaître en Appareils/Autres, et sont tout spécialement dédiés à Leslie! ;)
Les valises sont purement décoratives.
réception et NPC ("Sims en vacances" requis), fauteuil, table basse ("Et + si affinités" requis), table, tableau de clés, magazines, décoration murale, valises, mugs
Gift for Donators
Around the Sims
Change the cushion of your armchairs, with more Tiki textures, or change your armchair into bamboo... 5 new armchairs to complete the set are here to thank you for your support to the site!
Download the set (Gifts included)
- 15 objects -
(Donators only! this option costs too much money to the site, sorry...)
- 1,2 Mo -



Vacations: 1-2-3


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