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African Living-Room
Salon africain
Around the Sims

By Sandy
Description by Joely C.
A Huge thanks to all the ones who sent me some suggestions of descriptions!

Has your Sim not had the pleasures of the Sim Vacation expansion pack? Are they bored, stuck in Sim Town doing the same old Sim things? Well, that's all about to change. Bring the vacation home with the African Living set! Let your neighbours be amazed as they feel like they're stepping into Africa itself, let them be puzzled by the decorative picture, let them nibble on some exotic fruits from the stylish fruit bowl, let them finger the ethnic curtains in envy. The seating is made from authentic African wood, yet still chic and comfortable, and the coffee table, even if for some bazaar reason you run out of seats. The unique plants and throw-overs will give the room a 'holiday home' sort of touch. So what if the next door neighbours can afford Vacation Island? You have Africa in your living room.

Coffee table (**)("Hot Date" required)
  Drink   Dry plant
End table   Plate of fruits
Painting   Pottery
Rug (***)   Sideboard
African statue   Traditionnal stool
** Notes **

The painting is from the Gabonese artist Minko Mi Nzé.
The drink has been "hacked" to fill your Sims' needs in this way:
Hunger: 2 - Fun: 7 - Social: 6 - Bladder: -1
It has 4 rotations, and can only be used by adults. It's categorized to appear in Appliances/Other.
The plate of fruits has been hacked to give your Sims more hunger points and to prevent your Sims from washing their hands all the time after they eat a piece of something. It had been made to let visitors serve so it should work in Downtown and other non living-lots.
The pottery, candles and vase can be installed on floors or any surfaces, coffee tables included.
(*) Based on a 3D model found on the net.
(**) Based on 1-tile coffee table, by Sims-on-a-stick.
(***) Based on 2-tiles bathmat, by Heather, at SimFreaks.
Le tableau est de l'artiste gabonais Minko Mi Nzé.
La boisson a été "trafiquée" de façon à répondre aux besoins de vos Sims de cette façon:
Appétit: 2 - Loisirs: 7 - Social: 6 - Petits besoins: -1
Elle a 4 rotations et ne peut être utilisée que par des adultes. Elle est catégorisée pour apparaître dans la catégorie "Appareils/Autres".
L'assiette de fruits a été trafiquée pour mieux satisfaire l'appétit de vos Sims, et pour les empêcher de se laver les mains après chaque bouchée. Les visiteurs sont autorisés à se servir, l'assiette de fruits devrait donc pouvoir servir au Centre-ville et dans les autres lots.
Les poteries, bougies et le vase peuvent être installés par terre ou sur n'importe quelle surface, les tables basses includes, mais aucune expansion n'est requise.
(*) Basé sur un modèle 3D disponible sur internet.
(**) Basé sur la table basse 1-tile de Sims-on-a-stick.
(***) Basé sur le tapis de bain à 2-tiles d'Heather, à SimFreaks.


Wall & Floor: Simorphor
Gift for Donators
Around the Sims
Awale is a traditionnal african game that will let your Sims improve their logical skills. This game can be placed on any surface (table, desk...) and can be used by 1 or 2 Sims.


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