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Soit Living-Room
Salon Soit
Around the Sims

While you're downloading some stuff, why wouldn't you try to help me to find a better description for this set? My english is sooo poor... Ok? You're ready to give a hand? Follow me!

Armchair #3 - Purple   Bookcase
Candle   Coffee table ("Hot Date" required) 
  Loveseat   Two paintings
Sideboard #1 - closed doors   Sideboard #2 - open
Stereo   Tea tray
** Notes **

Vase with flowers, decor with box and bowls, the tea set and the candle can be installed on any surfaces, coffee tables included and don't require any expansion pack.
Tea will give to your Sims an energy rating of 3 (instead of 1).
The windows used on the preview can be found at Sims Interior Designs.
Le vase avec les fleurs, la boîte décorative et les bols, la bougie et le plateau à thé peuvent être posés sur n'importe quelle surface, table basse comprise, sans demander d'expansion.
Le thé donnera un score d'énergie de 3 (au lieu de 1) à vos Sims.
Les fenêtres utilisées sur l'image proviennent de Sims Interior Designs.


Wall: Jendea
Floor: Simorphor
Windows: Sims Interior Designs
Gift for Donators
Around the Sims
If you enjoy clearer colors, you'll find a recolor in pine wood of the set, and be happy, it's the wood used for the Modern Line sets, so you have now few extra pieces to create your own Modern Line house.
The set includes 8 objects: the 2 sideboards, bookcase, coffee table, 3 armchairs and a loveseat.


Download the set (Gifts included)
- 23 objects -
(Donators only! this option costs too much money to the site, sorry...)
- 1,2 Mo -



Living: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23


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