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Around the Sims

By Sandy
Description by Laura.
A Huge thanks to all the ones who sent me some suggestions of descriptions!

Can't stand neat houses where everything is orderly? Want your house to have a bit of builders depth? Then the Construction set is for you. Need to fulfill those creative needs? Get yourself a table to renovate those dull windows. For something more challenging get a table to build yourself an electric board. Like that "I am just so busy i can't find the time to buy proper chairs" look, because now you can say it with these, Large Bricks. And to add to the pleasure add a table made plainly out of plaster. And for that finishing touch, don't forget a cement mixer, one of those things you have to have! Just because no-one else does!

Cement with shovel   Bowl of cement
Mixer for cement   Table to build electric board (logic)
Cement on the floor (**)   Table to renovate windows (creativity)
Paints (*)   Large bricks (seat)
Tap   Plaster (end table) 

Wall & Floor by Maxis
** Notes **
The kit to renovate windows and the table to build electric boards can only be used by adults, and by one adult at the same time. Your Sim will be able to improve creative skills by renovating windows, and logical skills by building the electricity installation.
Your Sims will be able to study mechanic (but only mechanic) by reading the files on the bricks-bookcase. Once again, this object can only be used by adults.
(*) Based on the Colleen Bust, by SimsPlus.
(**) Based by Heather, at SimFreaks.
La table pour rénover les fenêtres et celle pour construire une armoire électrique ne peuvent être utilisées que par des adultes. La première permet à vos Sims de se montrer créatif, et la seconde d'apprendre la logique.
Vos Sims pourront également apprendre la mécanique en consultant les fiches bricolage qui se sont posées sur les briques, mais attention, ils ne pourront apprendre *que* la mécanique. Cet objet ne peut être utilisé que par des adultes.
(*) Basé sur le Colleen Bust, de SimsPlus.
(**) Basé sur le tapis 1x2 de Heather, à SimFreaks.
Gift for Donators
Around the Sims
A scafford will complete the "I-made-it-by-my-own" look of your house.
Download the set (Gift included)
- 13 objects -
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